Charlotte NC Realtors, Real Estate Agents who Give Back

rcd540final_r1_c2So there comes a time when we all need to reflect on all that we have and be grateful for it. There also comes a time when we need to give back to our neighbors and community. This is a great opportunity that allows me and other real estate professionals in the Charlotte NC Metro area to give back. Its called “Realtors Care Day” this year and it’s on Friday April 19th. Stay tuned for pictures and another update to follow from our day together caring and giving back!

UPDATE: RCD was a total success and we beat the rain by putting up a roof replacement in the front of the house and a handicap access ramp in the rear of the house. It was a blessing and a humbling experience: Here is a video of me from the home site:

Also while we were up there, we found this living in the roof! Yikes!!

My pictures that I posted

Pictures from this year’s Realtors Care Day


Video about this years event

News article from last year’s event

Info on Realtors Care Day



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