Monthly Archives: August 2013

A new day. A new company. A new Opportunity!

My years in the real estate business have been filled with change. Whether those changes have occurred in the way financing is done… or in how Facebook, Twitter and YouTube figure into the real estate equation… there has always – and will always be – change.

The BIG change I have to announce today is that I am now part of a VERY exciting new real estate office, Century 21 Real Estate Consultants!

c21whitebgI was recently approached by colleagues who, after much research and detailed due diligence, purchased a Century 21 franchise in Charlotte and invited me to join their office. The vision for our office is simple. We will be the best, most respected real estate firm whose reputation speaks for itself.

Accomplishing that vision is going to be a lot of fun.  Although Century 21 is one of the best and most well-known names in the business, both nationally and internationally, it is still a growing name in Charlotte.  So, having the opportunity to help build this office is exciting.

Our unofficial motto is “It’s all about you.”  This means our clients will have the best experience possible from a firm whose agents are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and who know how to get real estate done.  It’s all about answering the question, “How can I make your day better?” Since this has been my philosophy during my years in this business, this fit right into my wheel house!

We are focused on hiring the best agents around and maintaining an office of full-time brokers who are productive and who have proven track records of doing well and delighting clients with a superior level of service.  We are technology-driven and will utilize social media, video and other online platforms to create a more efficient and forward-looking office.  Of course, we will still use traditional methods as well for clients who prefer that approach. Add that to superb leadership and awesome support from Century 21 corporate, and we will be the place that home sellers and buyers seek for an unbelievable experience!

Our charge at Century 21 Real Estate Consultants is to build the best brand possible through our outstanding platform and service, and I am thrilled to be involved from the ground up.  This is a change that I embrace with enthusiasm, and I am excited to get moving!

Century 21 Real Estate Consultants. Smarter. Bolder. Faster. Check out my latest video to welcome visitors to my new website (coming soon!)