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Fall Wrap-Up

The Fall has been terrific on both the personal and business fronts!  To kick off the season at the end of September, Roger and I took a trip to Chicago to meet up with some very close friends who live in Europe. We only get a chance to all get together about once per year, so it was a special weekend.

K and R in Chicago






Kitzmiller Brandes in Chicago







The weather (especially for Chicago) couldn’t have been better.  We had great food, great sightseeing and listened to some fantastic jazz!  It also happened to fall on my birthday weekend, so weekend, so we were able to celebrate that in style!

Kitzmiller Brandes on Boat tour






Kitzmiller Brandes toast









October has come and gone with a flash! It was an extremely busy and successful month from a business perspective – with the end result that I’ve sold out of my listing inventory! It’s a great problem to have – meaning buyers are out there buying – but it also creates a challenge for buyers who have not yet purchased! Let your friends and families know that now is a GREAT time to sell!! There are people looking! Right now we have just about 4.4 months of inventory available in Charlotte, and the average days on market is just 45 days!!! Those are amazing numbers.


My personal accomplishment during October was my latest swim adventure with my masters swim team, Mecklenburg Swim Association-Masters. Our meet took place at Mecklenburg Aquatic Club in uptown Charlotte, and was attended by swimmers from all over NC (and some from as far as Maine and Oregon)! One of the most exciting things was that past and future Olympians like Michah Lawrence, Madison Kennedy and Marko Blazevski (and others) competed along side the rest of us! They are amazing to watch; truly awe-inspiring with how they move through the water!

Karen back start1






Karen backstroke






We had great results at the meet!! My team came in first over all; I came home with a first in my age group for 2 events and a second in 3 others, so I was happy with my results! Next stop will be our next meet in Charlotte at the end of January! That’s a much larger meet, and we are expecting big things from our team!

Patty Mary Karen







Staying on the swimming front, Anja also tried out for her middle school swim team and made it!! This is a great accomplishment, as this is an ultra-competitive team that has gone undefeated for its first 7 seasons!! She had her first middle school meet last weekend, and she rolls right into her first meet this coming weekend for her year-round team. Wish her luck!









McKenzie is doing great – she continues with her college visits. She visited UNC-Asheville and that has been her favorite stop and top choice. I’m also very proud to report that she was recently accepted and inducted into the National Beta Club chapter at her high school. To be eligible, students have to have good grades, and they need to have exhibited their commitment to service. The organization fits well with her desire to provide service and support to her community, which as parents make us very proud of her!

MBK Beta Club









October is a month that is focused heavily on cancer awareness. This year, I was very pleased and honored to support Hope Cancer Ministries’ 5K race called “Kate’s Race.” Hope Cancer Ministries supports cancer patients and their families through everything from emotional and spiritual support, to financial needs, to meals and home improvements. This organization has positively impacted so many at such difficult times.


That will do it for this update!! I’m looking forward to what should be an awesome holiday season. We are spending Thanksgiving with my dad and brother (and family) in Myrtle Beach, and we will be home here in Charlotte for Christmas. So, bring on the good tidings!!

With love and cheers,